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Potimarron Squash

Potimarron Squash

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Thin skinned, red kuri type that is unmatched in its nutty flavor. Most delicious when roasted in slices and served with butter. The name Potimarron combines two french words ‘potiron’ for pumpkin and ‘marron’ for chestnut. ‘Kuri’ means chestnut in Japanese… you get the point!

How To Grow

Don’t harvest till stems are brown and “corky”, cure for two weeks at 80° F.

  • Days to Maturity: 85-100
  • Indoors: May 15 in peat pot : Transplant: June 15
  • Seed Plant seeds or transplants in hills, 1” deep, 3/hill, 48” apart
  • Ideal germination temperature: Optimum: 90 : Range: 70-90
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