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Hungarian Hot Wax

Hungarian Hot Wax

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This is a beloved variety by many in the Methow Valley.  It is incredibly productive in our climate, for a hot pepper.  It is delicious, hot, but not excessive, and delightfully colorful. Not only that, it is the star of the Willowbrook Farm famous and absolutely amazing smoked hot pepper sauce, and the main ingredient in the amazing Mama Lil's pickled peppers.  One of my first big farming adventures in the Methow was helping Ed Welch of Sunny Pine Farm (when vegetables was a part of their business) try to fulfill a 4 ton contract with Mama Lil's (the peppertunities are endless) and we planted out 6,000 plants on June 5 and it frosted that night! Then a cutworm army stripped most of the leaves and killed many more plants, and we still got over 6,000 lbs of peppers.  The Methow is consistently warmer these days, so its time for increased peppertunities.

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