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Scarlet Runner Bean

Scarlet Runner Bean

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Beautiful large leafed fast growing pole bean with bright crimson flowers.  Used for its amazing ornamental value, or harvest and eat the huge, but tender and delicious beans.  Seed is an amazingly colorful gem. Requires a sturdy trellis.


~25 seeds per packet

How To Grow

Poles or trellis should be 6’ tall. Keep soil moist in hot weather. Keep beans picked clean for greater production. Treat seed with inoculant for greater production.

  • Days to Maturity: 55-70
  • Outdoors: June 1
  • Seed 1” deep, 6 beans per pole (thin to 3) or 2” apart on a trellis
  • Ideal germination temperature: Optimum: 70 : Range: 60-80
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