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New Mama Sweet Corn

New Mama Sweet Corn

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In 2021 the MVSC crew did an Open-pollinated corn trial to find a sweet tasty corn to add to our collection. New Mama was the hands-down winner. This variety was developed by our friends at Adaptive Seed from a cross between two super sweet varieties. Like other OPs, it is not totally uniform and has a shorter window of best eating than a typical hybrid. The wonderful benefit of the OP is that you can save your own seed.. AND, it is very productive and delicious and we love it. And a great year to introduce to our collection as we now also have a new mama on our team!


~80 seeds per packet

How To Grow

Plant corn in at least four rows for adequate wind pollination. Corn is a “heavy feeder” and will be more productive if side-dressed with organic fertilizer while growing..

  • Days to Maturity: 75-90
  • In small cells: May 15 : Outdoors: May 25, try two successions for sweet corn
  • Seed Plant seeds 1-2” deep in rows 30” apart, thin to 12” apart
  • Ideal germination temperature: Optimum: 95 : Range: 60-95
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  • Why choose locally grown, regionally adapted seeds?

    ✿ Our seeds are intentionally bred to maximize resilience, be resistant to pests and diseases, produce vigorously, and taste delicious.

    ✿ That means our seeds come from plants grown right here and have started the process of acclimating to this region, which makes them easier to grow.

    ✿ We aim to work our land in a way that honors our human and more-than-human kin in the water, soil, and air.

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