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Janosik Yellow Watermelon

Janosik Yellow Watermelon

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It’s always exciting to see a watermelon with yellow flesh, and this one is no exception. Named after the Polish “Robin Hood” folk legend, Juraj Janosik - a Slovak highwayman who was said to steal from the nobles and give to the poor. The melon is smaller and high yielding.  Sweet and lovely to behold.


~30 seeds per packet

How To Grow

Best to start indoors, but don’t let seedlings become root-bound. Plant in warmest part of garden, or up against south side of shed or house.

  • Days to Maturity: 75-95
  • Indoors: May 15 : Transplant: June 15
  • Seed Plant seeds ½” deep in hills 2/hill 48” apart
  • Ideal germination temperature: Optimum: 90 : Range: 75-95
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