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Golden Morning Yellow Storage Onion

Golden Morning Yellow Storage Onion

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Anaka Mines at Twisp River Seed has been working on creating a good tasting reliable long storing yellow onion for 10 years.  After a few years of trialing and taste-testing and an abandoned first cross, Golden Morning (formerly known as CDDR) is the result of a cross between Clear Dawn, Dorata di Parma, and Ramata di Milano in 2015. Clear Dawn was de-hybridized from Copra, a classic yellow storage onion hybrid, by Turtle Tree seeds. Dorata and Ramata performed amazingly in the field in terms of vigor and disease resistance.  All three performed near the top in a taste test, so the cross was made. This is still a work in progress, but already it is a very reliable, long-storing, and delicious variety.  Our name is a bit of an homage to Clear Dawn... A long-day onion, Golden Morning matures in early fall in this region and has plenty of time to dry down for storage.  Sweet and dense, it is delicious and solid for up to 10 months!


~150 seeds per packet

How To Grow

Best production when planted as starts. Can be started indoors in crowded flats and transplanted.

  • Days to Maturity: 95-125 seed : 80-105 starts
  • Start indoors March 1-15 : Transplant April 15-May 1.
  • Seed Plant ½” deep, 2-4 seeds per inch, rows 15” apart
  • Ideal germination temperature: Optimum: 75 : Range: 50-95
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